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Default My 2003 Xterra 3.3 problems

It has thrown codes P1446 and P0455. And the knock sensor code, not worried about it right now. The first 2 need cleared before I pass emissions inspection. In talking with a few people, one is a Nissan tech, the charcoal canister needs replaced and while fueling, it puked fuel back out of the filler neck twice now so it is also recommended that the fuel tank vent valve also be replaced. I have dropped the spare tire, located the canister, loosened the bolts holding it in place and must now wait for delivery of parts.

Am I on the correct path to clearing these codes? Do I have to clear them by removing the positive battery cable to reset the computer and then drive (how far?) to reset the learning part of the computer? Also in asking around these 2 parts are costing about $450 out the door, am I correct in understanding that the only way to find them cheaper is junkyard as they are Nissan only mfg'ed parts? If so I may search junk yards online today to see if I can find the canister cheap.

Anxiously awaiting response, I gotta get this done soon.
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