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I've definitely been taking the "check the cheapest thing first" approach thats why I havent ordered the darn fuel pump first. Im afraid to order one until I can completely rule out the other stuff.

OBD 2 was done about 5mins. after she went down (I happened to have one in the car). No codes with the ignition turned forward and dashboard lit up. Some guy told me it doesnt read codes without the engine running though so Im not sure I got a good reading. Even though the scanner clearly stated "No Codes".

Tomorrow, I plan on putting everything back together (pump,tank and all connections) fresh charged battery also and doing a spark test at the spark plug (still need to figure out the easiest way to do this).

Im also going to disconnect the fuel line at the injector bar test that we're discussing.

If it passes Spark, and shows bone dry on the bar. I'll order a fuel pump.

Dropping the tank and all associated fittings was actually pretty easy for me, having the right tools and helping a friend do his ford explorer last summer really helped in the confidence dept.

I've been follow very strict safety standards concerning the Batt/Gas/Fuse combo. I've got enough bad luck, no room for dumb luck.

Just sold one of my beloved firearm barrels I was saving for a custom build (400.) to fund this folley I fell into.

Thank you so much for the input. You guys are truly all i've got as far as getting this thing sorted out on my own. If I end up putting a new fuel pump in it and it STILL doesnt start, I have a well referred and trusted mechanic about a mile away that i'll give up and turn the truck over to.
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