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RKM Read bottom paragraph plz.

K im back with even more knowledge now that i've dropped the tank and pulled the pump.

Jesus this thing looks brand new, I also think it rediculous that they say you have to replace the whole thing when you can clearly see that the motor for the pump is an easily removable unit. It even has a quick connect electrical harness. (not the one outside the tank, but actually on the motor itself).

Does anybody make an aftermarket replacement motor for the fuel pump assembly??? I DAMN Nissan for making people "buy the whole unit" at 370. retail.

So before I order a new Fuel Pump. I realized today I need to do some further testing.

- I need an easy test for "spark" can anyone help?
- Also I want to test fuel flow to the injector bar.

On the second point, Am I correct that I need to use that "fuel line tool" to remove where the hard line reaches the fuel bar towards the front of the engine? Some guy told me Advance Auto sells the tool for like 3 bucks.

Im going to make damn sure its the fuel pump, Then im gonna order one from Courtesy.

Thanks for the help guys. Cant wait to post up the resolution to this problem.

In response to the above post, the tank is nearly half full and the pump assembly is in the middle of the tank. I see your point, but its definitely not happening in this case. Truck is on pretty level ground (otherwise I would not have jacked it up,crawled under it and wrestled the tank out lol).

RKM, i just missed your post by SECONDS!. You actually answered one of my questions (regarding the fuel line tool). So thanks. In all the confusion I've actually asked myself your question "did I actually run out of gas?" . Please tell me in your opinion what else it may have possibly been? It was way low (almost to where I was expecting to run out, i was on my way to get gas). When it sputtered and shut down. When I tried to restart it, it seemed to idle super rough, sounded like one cylinder for about 5 seconds. Then nothing, lots of cranking and no more starts, sputters, nothing. Now im at this point. Please help man! haha.

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