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Default Altima 2005 No Start when hot.

One day I was driving home, My Altima 2005 has stopped on the road after making an turn. I tried to start, It cranks but does not start. Next day, I towed it to pepboys and they said it was a bad fuel pump and relay and replaced it. The car went good and next day after driving for about a mile and I stopped the car, went to home to pick up something and tried to start the car then same thing, It cranks but does not start. After half an hour, It started. When I complained about the same, they said it can be the faulty fuel pump and replaced the pump again. It does not make any difference and I cannot replicate the issue with them. I have the ("SES") light on, I changed the cam shaft and crank shaft sensors with genuine nissan parts by reading in one of the threads and also my code says so and cleared it. It runs good for sometime and stops and does not start but cranks. I have the ("SES") light on again and it read the codes as P1444 and P1271. I suspect my car was not starting up when the engine is hot, because after I drive for sometime (not long distances) the car does not start and also stalls. I have spent some good money and time in the pep boys store for replacing the fuel pump and on sensors. Please help if I can do anything before giving up.

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