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HEY Soapmyster , thanks to reply, well Am living in Chicago and was thinking that here we are allow to have a least one monitor not set, but my first rejected smog test was rejected due a code p0456 small leak detected, so I took it the certified emission place and the tech told me that it was a leak in the charcoal canister valve after the inspected with the smoke machine and they still me $400.00 dls and they said that cars need to be running almost one week because they clear the codes to set all monitors, after a week went back the hook up the scanner and was only one monitor was not set the catalyst so until now it's been my biggest nightmare and headache, am been looking for the correct drive pattern and almost 800 miles am not able to set the stupid monitor, so benny the other good guy was helping me with my issues and recommend to buy a obd2 scanner just to make sure the cars has not more codes or pending codes which until now has no codes, so my altima has 174k so I decide to replace the downstream O2 sensors and when was running another trip the p0420 and p0430 pending codes, so the codes was cleared again and after 400 more miles nothing still not been set and no more codes pending.
I take my second chance to see if can pass the verification with one not set monitor and was rejected again due the catalytic monitor and right there they told me that my car has to have the all monitors set.
Well I called the mechanics to ask why the catalytic monitor can not been set and they told me That maybe I need a new cat convertor. So I was thinking to install the O2 non fouler to see if the cat monitor can been set or maybe to buy the new exhaust system on ebay. for now I only be able to drive the car at night time on the freeway due the expired sticker, please help me.
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